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Clinians Anti-Cellulite Cream: The Italian Cure for Cellulite?

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There are many different "solutions" which experts suggest for women trying to get rid of unwanted cellulite. Some of those include changes to your diet and adopting (or increasing) your exercise routine. Others suggest getting mechanical treatments at salons or from a dermatologist. And many different beauty cream manufacturers claim they have the solution to your cellulite woes in a tube or a bottle.

But changing your diet and exercise routine can be a time-consuming burden. And getting your cellulite massaged or zapped away by a machine can be expensive, painful, or both! That's why most women with cellulite are searching for an affordable anti-cellulite cream to eliminate that "orange-peel" look from their hips, butt, and thighs. Clinians Anti-Cellulite treatments are a series of creams designed to be used at home and the manufacturer claims it can visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite "after the first treatment". But how true are these claims? We did a little investigating in order to find the answer.

What Makes Clinians So Effective?

Clinians Anti-Cellulite CreamThere are two main flavors that the Clinians cellulite creams come in: "Punti Critici" ("problem areas") and "Reducell Forte". The former contains a combination of caffeine and Isocell Slim, a trademarked blend of liposomes which work with the caffeine to melt away fat deposits and reduce fluid retention under the skin. The latter relies on L-carnitine and more caffeine, which serve more or less the same purpose as they do in their sister formula. These creams also contain extracts of centella asiatica, bitter orange, guarana, and escin to firm and tone the skin.

The Potential Benefits of Clinians

Caffeine is a very popular ingredient when it comes to cellulite creams; after all, it is a diuretic, and can therefore flush out excess fluids that might be trapped under the skin. These trapped fluids make your cellulite look worse than it is. Sadly, if there is any clinical evidence to back up any of the fat-melting and skin-firming claims attached to the other ingredients, the manufacturer's website doesn't advertise them.

How Much Do Clinians Anti-Cellulite Creams Cost?

It's hard to say; but whatever the cost, you may have to add the price of a plane ticket to Italy if you really want to buy these particular creams. The manufacturer's webpage doesn't have an online store, and its Amazon marketplace listings state that they don’t know "when or if" the product will ever be available for sale.

According to Amazon reviews, some savvy shoppers in the United States might be able to find this cream in stock for $6.99/tube at a major discount clothing chain called Ross. But since this is hearsay, such prices or supply cannot be guaranteed.

Will Clinians Cellulite Creams Make Your Skin Smooth and Supple?

Between the products' lack of availability for purchase online and the fact that the only well-known active ingredient is caffeine, it's hard to determine whether or not these creams would be a good buy. To be fair, though, they do have some glowing reviews on Amazon. And if it's true that each supply costs less than $10/tube, it won't be the most expensive mistake you've ever made. However, why waste your time? For some products likely to be more effective, click here.

Best Cellulite Cream Recommendation


We’ve found RevitaShape to be the most effective anti-cellulite cream we’ve tried. According to our experiences, RevitaShape penetrates beneath the surface of the skin to get rid of cellulite in the deep layers of the skin. RevitaShape also helps to get rid of subcutaneous fluids that get trapped in cellulite. Most women see fast short-term results and very good results over the long term.

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