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Body Solution Review

Rated:6.88 out of 10

Unlike many cellulite treatment creams, Body Solution is not simply a cellulite cream, but a three step total solution. However, the question is, are three steps really any more effective than one?

Body Solution claims to be able to show a reduction in the signs of cellulite within 72 hours, a hefty claim for any product to make. What is interesting about Body Solution is that the product comes in three separate components, while there are several cellulite treatment creams that are not only effective, but require only one product to be purchased.

Body Solution Ingredients

Body SolutionThe first two steps of the Body Solution three step program are a simple exfoliating scrub and a skin conditioning lotion. The exfoliating scrub contains no cellulite fighting ingredients of note. The body lotion does contain fatty acids and other ingredients designed to condition and firm the skin, while restoring elasticity as well.

The supposed real meat of the Body Solution three step kit for fighting cellulite is the third step, which is the intensive cellulite serum. While caffeine is a powerful ingredient in fighting the appearance of cellulite, it is not at its peak effectiveness without the inclusion of other ingredients designed to work in concert with caffeine. The caffeine in the third step of Body Solution will shrink the fat cells that create the appearance of cellulite, but there are no ingredients included to reduce swelling lubricate the cells or prevent the creation of new fat cells.

Body Solution Benefits

Although it may not sound especially impressive, there are a couple of benefits to be gained from the use of the Body Solution three step system. The exfoliating scrub will slough away dead skin cells, revealing fresh skin cells beneath, which does provide a superficial appearance of youthful skin.

The Body Solution body lotion does contain skin conditioners – but a good lotion is something one can find easily at their local drug store.

Finally, the third step of Body Solution, designed to target cellulite specifically, does contain caffeine, which is present in all of the best cellulite creams. It is true that the caffeine is not supported by any other proven ingredients, but caffeine alone will have some small effect on the size of the fat cells that create the orange peel-like appearance of cellulite on the skin.

Buy Body Solution

The three step kit that comprises Body Solution is available for order over the internet, through the manufacturer. Body Solution offers a free 14 day trial, for only the cost of shipping and handling. However, in small print at the bottom of the order screen, the purchaser is informed that if they do not cancel the order within 14 days of invoice, they will automatically be charged over $70 for the free products they received.

Shipments of Body Solution will be sent automatically on a monthly basis at the price of over $90, a process that may surprise many buyers. Failure to return the product within the small 14 day window provided will lock the customer in to this automatic shipment program, and reviews indicate that Body Solution makes this program extremely difficult to end.

Does Body Solution work?

Whether or not Body Solution works depends on how much you are expecting of the product and how much it has to work before you consider it to be effective.

Body Solution claims to provide results within 72 hours, a nearly impossible feat. However, Body Solution may provide the illusion of having decreased the appearance of cellulite due to the fact that it does contain an exfoliating scrub and a skin conditioning cream. These two components of Body Solution may provide an initial improvement in the condition of the skin, disguising the fact that the caffeine-supported cellulite cream portion of Body Solution has not yet had any effect.

By the time that the lack of results of Body Solution is noticed, the buyer is likely to be outside the return window, and stuck with inconvenient and difficult to remove automatic credit card charges. Those who are interested in Body Solution are advised to proceed with caution, understanding that the product is lacking key ingredients necessary for a truly effective cellulite solution.

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