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Cellex C Review

Rated: 7.5 out of 10

Cellex C is a company offering an entire range of skin care products, with two particular solutions for the problem of cellulite. Available for order over the internet, Cellex C is more convenient than medical or spa treatment options, but the list of ingredients included in Cellex C brings up a lot more questions than answers.

While the cellulite cream market is crowded, the few products that do stand out all have one thing in common: tested and proven quality ingredients that have been shown to tackle the problem of cellulite from several angles. Cellex C contains none of these recognizable ingredients, leaving one to wonder what exactly it is that Cellex C does.

Cellex C Ingredients

Cellex-C Cellulite CreamThe list of ingredients in Cellex C is questionable. Rather than seeing proven ingredients like caffeine, glaucine or Bladderwrack extract which have all been shown to decrease the size and swelling of fat cells in areas affected with cellulite, there instead is a list of unfamiliar and less reliable ingredients.

For example, Cellex C contains Glycosaminoglycans, which that manufacturer claims produces immediate toning effects, as well as Madecassoside, which is said to increase the elasticity and tensile strength of the skin. While these ingredients sound effective on paper, there is a reason that variations on familiar ingredients continue to appear in the best cellulite creams.

Cellex C takes no advantage of ingredients that have been shown time and time again not only to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but also keep it from coming back. Instead, Cellex C seems to be relying on ingredients that sound effective, but have yet to be proven to show any significant results either in reduction or prevention of cellulite.

Cellex C Benefits

Cellex C is a curious product. The manufacturers of Cellex C have chosen to concentrate the efforts of their production only one aspect that contributes to the appearance of cellulite. Looking over the ingredient list of Cellex C, it is clear that the manufacturers have focused all of their efforts on skin conditioning, but have not used any ingredients that strike a familiar and chord within consumers, with not a proven and tested ingredient among them.

Additionally, while skin reconditioning is important in preventing cellulite from coming back, concentrating on the condition of the skin alone will do nothing more than temporarily mask the appearance of cellulite. Without addressing the size, number and swelling around the fat calls that create clumps which in turn cause cellulite.

Cellex C does nothing more than attempt to smooth the skin over the cellulite. As collagen and elastin will continue to break down the age, if the fat cells are not taken care of, they will eventually and repeatedly press up against the surface of the skin.

Buy Cellex C

Purchasing Cellex C is a bit like navigating a maze. Their website is not especially user friendly, and once you find the Cellex C product that you would like to buy, you are directed to yet another site once you find the applicable link. As far as cost, Cellex C is available at a cost of $61 plus shipping and handling charges for a small, 2 oz bottle.

There is no indication on the site regarding how long a 2 oz bottle of Cellex C is expected to last, nor is there any information on discounts for bulk purchases. Additionally, since Cellex C is sold through a third party vendor, there is no information regarding the guarantees that may or may not be available through the manufacturer.

Does Cellex C work?

If Cellex C was sold as a skin conditioner instead of advertised as a treatment for cellulite, there is a chance that the unconventional ingredients that comprise Cellex C may have some positive effect. However, the fact remains that Cellex C is intended to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Getting rid of cellulite is not just smoothing over the skin.

Without any ingredients designed to target the fat cells that cause the problem, Cellex C is not a comprehensive product for the treatment of cellulite.

Best Cellulite Cream Recommendation


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